Chris Reed

Chris Reed


(Photo Credit:Arabela Espinoza)



Singer-songwriter Chris Reed, is a true artist who carries a calm and friendly confidence with him on stage, opening up to audiences and bearing his true artistic soul through his songs.  


(Photo Credit: Arabela Espinoza) 


Chris Reed is a left handed musician and singer-songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area. This modern day troubadour has made it his mission to inspire people to follow their dreams and believe in themselves through the power of his music. Armed with an arsenal of instruments and his soothing voice, Chris creates a sound that seamlessly blends elements of pop, folk, reggae, and more. Using his grab bag of styles and gorgeous harmonies, Chris sings his heart out every time he hits the stage. 


(Photo Credit: Arabela Espinoza)

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"Chris Reed radiates positivity, and like his music, it’s infectious. He offers up an emotional integrity as he engages listeners with lyrical themes ranging from social plight to empathy and understanding."

-Content Magazine, issue 8.1, June 1, 2016 

           This left handed mulit-instrumentalist, was most noted as the front-man, and creative force of METRO Magazine’s 2010 “Best Band”- world reggae group; Aivar (2006-2011). Amongst singing; Reed played Saxophone, Ukulele, Harmonica and Melodica as the band recorded their 3 albums. Aivar performed with International acts; The English Beat, Collie Buddz, Eek a Mouse, Booker T, and The Dirty Heads, to name a few. They had multiple performances on Vans Warped Tour, their song “17” was played at 2010’s Miami Fashion Week and after a video interview, Aivar was featured on MTV's website, along with this statement: “Relax and unwind with Aivar, and their smooth, reggae-inspired NorCal jams.”    -MTV; 7/14/10 5:39 pmET 

           Years later, Chris is still at it, but this time as a solo artist. He performs both with his band of talented musicans from all across the globe, as well as in a solo capacity. Jacqueline Ocana of Digin Magazine puts it well: "Chris Reed, is reinventing himself as a talented singer songwriter... his playful folksy-pop lyrics drip innocence like the soothing sound of ukulele.  But deeper in reveals a soulful songwriter, passionate about love and society.” 

             His biggest focus while recording, is to make sure his songs are free to define themselves, making him the diverse artist he has become. A far departure from his group, Aivar, freshman record felt more like a Pop album sprinkled with a taste of folk and a hint of a cool reggae breeze blowing through.   

           In review of Chris Reed’s live performance, Aaron Carnes of Metro Magazine wrote about how Reed “… takes his grab bag of styles and lays it with gorgeous harmonies and uplifting, hopeful lyrics... all while giving it a really laid back, beach-town Sublime feel…”

(Photo Credit: Arabela Espinoza)

            Sweet Destiny lead Chris to be interviewed and printed in various publications and media outlets and was even invited to do a private audition for NBC’s major Network TV Show “The Voice” in early summer 2013. He was grateful for the experience, but did not appear on the show. 

          Though Chris Reed is a San Francisco Bay Area native, he is also an international artist who filmed his music video “Where has the sun gone” (Sweet Destiny) in the surf town of; Sayulita, Mexico as well as "Je t'aims Paris" (Odyssey vol. 2) in the streets of Paris. 

Being of Croatian roots, Chris was invited to play the Summer Concert Series on the Croatian Island of Brac in the Adriatic Sea. During his time on the islands, he shot a music video for his song "Jadrolinija" off his 2016 release of Odyssey vol. 2. This international push led his songs; “HOPE” and the title track “Sweet Destiny” to radio stations in Paris and Marseille, France and onto Radio Marabu; Europe’s leading alternative station, located in Germany, and broadcast all across Europe.

Since then, Chris has released a passion project of his entitled ODYSSEY. A 4 volume release that started in 2015 and is releasing it's 4th volume in 2017. Aside from recording all the instrumentation himself in his home studio, Chris also drew and painted all the over art for all 4 releases. 

(Photo Credit: Arabela Espinoza)

           Chris certainly believes in the power music has to unite and empower us all is apparent by his passionate work with the “March Against Monsanto” campaign. His anthem was used across the world to help raise awareness against the corporate giant Monsanto and their dangerous impact on our earth.  Reed helped to led the marches in San Jose in 2015 and 2016 in the heart of downtown San Jose. 

            Always trying to empower his community, Reed was awarded a grant from California Non-profit- GenARTS and Silicon Valley Creates.  The grant was to re-record his song: “Because of You” and bring a handful of his former students into a professional studio where they would also shoot a music video. 


(Photo Credit: Arabela Espinoza)

             Being a true Renaissance man, Chris is a teaching artist for Montalvo Arts Center and has Written, Directed, and Starred in over 8 original plays/musicals which he toured the West Coast from 2000-2008. He continues to passionately teach and develop band and classroom music programs, as well as giving music education presentations for 200+ students at a time.

          In the course of any given school year, Chris and the programs he leads, touch more then 30,000 members of our Silicon Valley Community’s lives. Since 2006, Chris’ programs and performances have directly affected more than 150,000 members of our community here in the Silicon Valley. Through his organization; Arts Initiative, Reed is constantly training other local musicians, like himself, how to make in impact in their community through their art. 

            Because of his unwavering dedication to helping others and his faith in music’s ability to heal and empower us all; Chris has also been providing both recorded and live music to Early Start and preschool children with visual and orthopedic impairments since 2009. He has written songs with over 300 kids in one song & had them filmed & played on local television: CreateTV.  And if he wasn’t busy enough, Chris has even directed multiple student operas (in association with the San Francisco Opera Guild). 

            Chris’ loyalty to global community has also led him to host/co-host and perform at countless benefit shows which have raised over $150,000 to help those affected by local, nationwide & international natural disasters such as New Orleans, Haiti, Japan, the attacks on Paris and more.


(Photo Credit: Maggie Reed)

         "…We all have a purpose and a path in life.  I hope to inspire people to believe in themselves... I believe we are truly capable of anything and must always strive to be our best and contribute positively to our world!"   - Chris Reed


(Photo Credit: Freddie Vega)