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Chris Reed has been teaching and building band and music programs all across the Silicon Valley for the last decade. Celebrating music in K-8 public and private schools, Chris Reed and Friends teach students through hard work and fun, the true value of music and performing as a group! Twice a year, students are celebrated with two sets of concert, winter and spring.  


"Chris Reed and his team have a special gift of relating to children, and... has the complementary problem-solving and observation skills necessary to keep music lessons fun and educational..."  

Ginger L Brown
Teacher of the Visually Impaired
America's teacher of the year 2001
Chandler Tripp School​

In Band:  Students learn to read musicconstruct, clean and hold their instrument properly and are encouraged to practice 60-90 minutes weekly outside of class. We work tirelessly with students during the first four weeks of class to get them oriented with the instrument and off to a strong start!


Intermediate/Advanced Band:  Students continue to learn new musical terms while being taught pop songs and classic standards. They meet their own seperate day than the beginners to focus on more challenging songs, but are also welcome to attend beginning band as Teacher's assistants.

Both bands integrate with each other and perform as an inspirationally powerful ensemble, demonstrating the true power music has to unite us all. 

While we know what does and doesn't work in a program and have tested out many different methods over the years, we still custom tailor our programs to fit individual school needs, as each community is different and requires special attention. 

"...It is amazing what Chris can get these elementary school kids to play!  It just goes to show that with Chris Reed and Friends belief in these kids and encouragement, phenomenal music can happen."

Chris Reed and Friends is not just an outside group that comes in to teach your kids. We are network of musicians and educators who strive to spread the joys of the arts in our community. Our programs do not only enrich the lives of its' participants, but it breathes new life into its' immediate school environment by filling the halls with music. 

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The facts about the importance of music education don’t lie.

Here are a few we think are important:

  1.     Students in high-quality school music programs score higher on standardized tests compared to students in schools with deficient music education programs, regardless of the socioeconomic level of the school or school district.
  2.    Schools that have music programs have significantly higher attendance rates than do those without programs (93.3 percent as compared to 84.9 percent).
  3.    Schools that have music programs have significantly higher graduation rates than do those without music programs (90.2 percent as compared to 72.9 percent). In addition, those that rate their programs as "excellent or very good" have an even higher graduation rate (90.9 percent).
  4.    The combined results of 30 studies indicate that music instruction is linked to significantly improved reading skills.