Chris Reed

Odyssey, Vol. III

by Chris Reed

Released 2016
Released 2016
This "Indie/folk" record dives deep into grief and struggles of the heart with some religious elements
In Odyssey Vol. III, Chris Reed dances in the genre of "Indie/folk" as he opens up about his grief and struggles of the heart in loosing his his big brother as a child in the first track "Sweet Brother". He continues this theme and the affect it has had on him and his ability to love in tracks two and three "We will remember you" and "Can't live this way". After a beautiful instrumental interlude in "Song for you", Reed exchanges his ideas on people's transparent manipulations in "talk talk talk". Chris then shares his christianity with us in his loving prayer song "Oh Lord". Finally finishing this collection off with "Vagabond", a brief recollection of part of the road he's been down. All and all, this is another diverse record for singer songwriter Chris Reed's 4th solo release.